Facts About the Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine
 Founded in 1994 by Professor Sheng-Chuan Hu and about 200 physicians sharing a commitment to improving the quality of Taiwan’s emergency care, the Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine (TSEM) is the largest national medical speciality organization representing physicians who practice emergency medicine. TSEM is dedicated to the improvement of emergency care of acutely ill and injured patients in hospital and prehospital environments by improving research and education in the specialty.
 ※ The missions of TSEM are as follow:
1. To promote research in emergency medicine.
2. To improve the quality of emergency care in hospital and prehospital environments.
3. To popularize resuscitation skills.
4. To facilitate the interchange of clinical experiences in emergency medicine.
5. To develop and monitor an emergency medicine residency program.
6. To promote international and interspecialty academic interchange and collaboration.
7. To advance continuing medical education in the specialty.
8. To promote the general welfare of emergency medicine.
 In cooperation with the Department of Health, TSEM plays an important role in the development and improvement of emergency medical care systems in Taiwan. TSEM has also actively participated in the coordination of medical care in many major domestic disasters such as the 921 earthquake in 1999 and the SARS outbreak in 2003. Whenever the public needs emergency care, TSEM is there providing rescue and medical services on the front line.
 In 1997, emergency medicine was recognized as the 23rd medical specialty by the Department of Health, a major milestone for TSEM and its members. Since then, TSEM has been responsible for the development and monitoring of emergency medicine residency programs. The society also provides in-depth continuing professional education for physicians, nurses and ancillary emergency health care practitioners and supports academic research in the specialty. Through these efforts, TSEM expects to improve the quality of emergency care in Taiwan.
Written by Hung-Jung Lin, MD, MBA

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